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I just wrote about the step mill. I walked into the gym the next day and it was gone. My baby! In it’s place against the wall is a step mill-like creature with wooden rungs where steps should be. Then I remembered my trainer’s excitement.

“We’re getting a Jacob’s Ladder,” she said. Great. I had no idea what that was. “YouTube it.”  I didn’t because I forgot and now this thing is in place of my frenemy (I found her–they had just rolled her to the middle of the room so now it looks like you’re climbing to nowhere in particular).

I met Jacob and his ladder my next training session because I asked to be introduced. You get to harness yourself in (which doesn’t make you nervous at all). The harness controls the rung speed. You harness yourself in and start climbing.

I saw myself accidentally galloping on all fours. Wow, she’s really killing it. Nope just herself. I get nervous when trainers describe something as intense, people who look forward to training for bodybuilding competitions. But I want to try it.

Jacob’s my boy. It’s very tranquil, meditative. He looks and sounds like your friend’s older brother who is going to bite your head off but he’s actually very sweet, shy, and possibly with a speech impediment. It’s the most relaxing cardio you will ever do. It’s like a labyrinth, just keep climbing and slowly your thoughts float away.

Then you step off and every fiber in your quads go into shock. All of a sudden you can’t breath. How? I was relaxed and heading towards beta state. It’s a work out, my go to warm up.

I’ve introduced him to several people at the gym and converted them to Jacob loyalists.

Today I tried one of the recommended workouts on it called Ladders and Swings. You climb 200 feet then do 20 kettlebell swings. They recommend a lighter weight because it’s intense. It was really cool. Definitely felt my heart rate up and felt my legs sing. I could have gone up in weight. It was a great tight on time workout.

So if you hear Jacob and his ladder are coming to you’re gym, don’t be scared. Enjoy.

Have you worked on a Jacob’s Ladder? Let me know below. Best!