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My gym has a wall filled with stories, a twist on before and after’s. It’s a before, where I’m at now, and where I’m going story. I’ve enjoyed reading them and have been interested in writing one.

My trainer asked if I’d like to fill one out. The only caveat was I had to brag about her. That wasn’t going to be a problem since she has helped transform me by introducing me to clean eating alone.

I looked at the page. It was one page divided into three sections. I was to pour my entire fitness journey into a few lines (and make it legible). How do you convey a journey in a few lines?

“I need a book,” I told her half joking. I have come a long way, physically and mentally. My relationship with my body is very different from when I was 17 years old. My mental game and awareness of my thoughts is very different and making all the difference.

I wrote it all out from high school to present day. I kept condensing, asking what was most important to share? where were the turning points so people could see the most drastic change? I realized I was asking some of the same questions I asked when I was screenwriting. It wasn’t for other people. I was proud of how I’ve evolved and wanted the share that. I feel I have a unique story and one people can relate to because retraining my mind was as important as changing my meal plans and the way I workout.

It was a cool declaration, once a dancer, now a runner who lifts. I still dance but know I have a dancer’s body because it is a body that enjoys dancing. It was challenging sharing I had poor body image because I would compare myself to others (it flares up every now and then, but I have a different awareness about those thoughts). My traumatic brain injury was important to share because recovering from it grew appreciation for my body and all it can do. There was a point I couldn’t sit up much less walk. Now I’m doing 5k’s and leg pressing 375 lbs. My body doesn’t have to do that.

Goals are usually a challenge for me because I want them clear and measurable. They flowed rather effortless onto the bottom section. They were the easiest section to read I noticed. I have goals to run a 5k in 27-30 minutes, continue to grow muscle and lean out. I’m interested in being 20% body fat but open to other numbers. Next year for the Warrior Dash, I’m going to be one of the runners competing in sports bra and shorts. At the very end I mentioned maybe in the future training for a bikini competition. Maybe. Just wanted to throw it out there. I like my goals–they were measurable, but not stringent.

It was one of the first time I’ve written a before and where I’m at now story for fitness. It felt really good and I liked what I had to share.

Have you written a before and where you’re at now story? Or a before and after story? Let me know below.