About Cora

I’m chocolate and chilies. I’m the youngest old soul and sweetest lil badass you’ll ever meet. They call me “Smiley” because I’ll always greet you with a smile. I’m also called “Coco” because I’m classy like Chanel.

I’m a listener with a super power of making you feel better. I’m a creativity cheerleader. When you want to cry and give up, I help you laugh and keep going.

I’m a country girl who loves Chicago in ways you don’t know and I’m a city girl who doesn’t mind her next neighbor being 140 acres off.

Living in the city of Cindy Crawford, I graduated from the church of comedy called Second City, where I had a torrid affair with sketch comedy, satire, and comedic song writing (see “Be Nice to the Nazis” and “Thank You for Making Out Next to Me”).

I’m funny. Sometimes.


9 thoughts on “About Cora”

  1. Barbara Babs Bischof`` said:

    “First time caller” Long time fan! I loved your “Pop Vulture” at Second City and “Solo In Sanity” at Gorilla Tango made my sides ache from laughing. Keep it up!
    Can’t wait for the next venture to arrive.

  2. Hey Cora,
    I just wanted to say great job last week at Create. Innovate. Repeat! It was nice seeing you again and especially hearing about all of the success you’ve had so far! Keep it up! Can’t wait to come check out a show sometime!


    • Annnnnd going back through your site, it reminded me of how much of a hockey fan you are. Let me know if/when you want to come check out a game!

    • Thanks Christina! I appreciate your kind words. It was really nice seeing you again and hearing
      you got promoted. I’m glad your talent and hard work was recognized. My next show opens April 8th….
      Hope you can make one of them! And I might take you up on the hockey offer….
      Hope you’re well!


  3. Barbara Bischof said:

    You’re hilarious! I love the instant visual I get …the class is channeling a rock garden…I happened to catch your IEA presentation. Hilarious AND brilliant! Keep up the incredible work. Looking forward to the new show at Second City…

    • Thank you so much! I really appreciate it. I hope you love the Second City show. It’s a concept we want to play with more so more shows to come! Thanks for reading!

  4. fivereflections said:

    hello Cora

    David in Maine USA

  5. Heya! I’m a new follower. Pretty good stuff. I don’t know the first thing about country music, but I’m always willing to learn new things!

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