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I found out yesterday (because I’m a little behind the times) that Tim Robinson and Aidy Bryant of Second City are heading to “Saturday Night Live”. I’m genuinely happy for them, especially for Tim. I’ve seen him in several things and am a little more familiar with his work. They’ve both worked hard and I’m glad they are going on.

I was glad when Shelly Gossman got picked up. I really enjoyed her writing and performances. She’s a very talented woman and I like to see that rewarded.

Even though I’m genuinely happy for them and I’m glad “SNL” is pulling from Second City a little more again, when I see things like that I still get a little sting. I’m not actively seeking going to “SNL”. Focusing on Tim, I saw him in the touring company, I’ve seen him in various shows on various stages, and now he’s going to “SNL”. That may not be his ultimate life goal, but it’s pretty flipping huge. That would be a marker of “I’ve made it”. That he was continuously working and getting laughs, that is a marker as well. But that’s going for the gold and getting it.

When I heard about Tim and Aidy moving up, I felt the sting and realized something. I want my “SNL”. I don’t know what that is, which doesn’t help anything.

I want to publish. I want to see my stories in print in a big way. And that’s pretty much all I got. A general direction. The “how” will unfold. I do know some steps I’m climbing as we speak like sending shorter works out for publication to garner credits.

I’ve changed since I’ve started this journey. To be honest, I wanted to be a celebrity writer, I wanted fame along with writing. I’ve since realized it was coming from the wrong place. It was coming from a “I’ll show them” place, which is silly and not helpful. That’s caring about people in the past who were also trying to figure things out. Anyway…

Not to end on an incomplete thought, but… I realized I could look at my goals and see what I really want. What would be my “SNL”?

What’s yours?